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man Bujnyak, Anton Pavol ( Bujňák) 1. X Mária Cifrík, 2. X Anna Parimucha* ‎23 jan 1815* Blazov, couty Sabinov† ‎1885† Blazov, county Sabinov
man Bujnyak, Pavol ( Bujňák) * ‎4 jul 1834* Blažov, county Sabinov, Slovakia
man Franko, Pavol * ‎1816* Blazov, county Sabinov
man Haladej, Pavol * ‎3 jul 1836
man Hrebenyar, Pavol ( Hrebeňár) X Anna Olysavszky* ‎1862* Brezovica
man Jarina, Pavol * ‎20 jun 1898† ‎24 jul 1898† Blazov, county Sabinov
man Krahulec, Pavol & N.N.* ‎± 1740
man Kravcsik, Peter Pavol "Od Mosta" ( Csaki) * ‎4 jul 1809* Blazov, couty Sabinov
man Miljo, Pavol * ‎1828* Blazov, county Sabinov
man Ondruš, Pavol & Anna Olysavszky* ‎1840
man Orjabinec, Joannes Pavol * ‎1830* Blazov
man Orjabinec, Pavol * ‎1828* Blazov, county Sabinov
man Orjabinec, Pavol Anton * ‎1832* Blazov, county Sabinov
man Parimucha, Pavol * ‎18 jun 1833
man Parimucha, Peter Pavol X Mária Pacinda* ‎1823* Blazov, couty Sabinov† ‎1890† Blazov, county Sabinov

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