Former village



570 MASL

county Sabinov

Region: Prešov




1317 Sevnvalt, Blasnhow, Blasinhaw

1330 Balazuagasa

1773 Balazsvagas, Blazow

1786 Balaschwágásch, Blassow

1808 Balázsvágás, Blassow, Blazow

1863 Balázsvágás, Blaziv

1920 - 1952 Blazov


Church stamp:

Blažov Blažov


Renewed chapel

(click picture) Author of photos: Jan Lapcak


August 4th

The new picture of Blazov

The best photo of Blazov, which was provided by Jan Parimucha, was added to the photo gallery. Thank him very much!


August 5th

The silent Blazov valley began to come alive from the morning when the meeting participants arrived. They came from all corners of Slovakia, from the Czech Republic and we also had a nice visitor from the USA. Traditionally, the afternoon was dedicated to worship and memories of ancestors who are no longer among us.

Afternoon, the valley has lived with a rich folklore program. Folklorists from Zakovce and Tichy Potok pleased people with singing, dancing and humorous words. But in many eyes, tears also appeared when one was reminded of the difficult times when the inhabitants of Blazov had to leave this beautiful valley.

We spent a beautiful day on Saturday in Blazov, and we have to thank greatly the organizers, but also all the other participants of the reunion.



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A v tym Blažovi - vocals: sisters and mother Uhlar, music: the folk band of Ondrej Kandrac

Song: Copyright © Ľubomiír Sebej All Rights Reserved.