Family Mengersen

Nearby Blazov Valley, in the woods near the road is placed cross, erected in 1908. In seeking answers to the questions: who and why he built this cross, I found quite interesting facts about the family Mengersen, landowners in Blazov Valley and surrounding areas (among many others). Original text in Hungarian language:

For unforgettable sweet father

Baron Augustus MENGERSEN

built in memory

wife of JACOB ZICHY MESKO - 1908 -

August Eberhard Friedrich Carl - Baron von Mengersen

was a member of a wealthy family Mengersen, coming from Holland, then living in Germany, which received the title of nobility in18th century. Augustus parents were Kurt Philipp von Mengersen and August Dorotea Luis Julian Wichmann. August was the owner of the castle in Reelkirchen and has great assets in Herrentrup. He reached the rank of colonel in C. k. Army. August was born in 1829 in a family mansion in Reelkirchen. In 1857 he married Maria von Berzewiczy, who died in 1861 at the 27, at birth of her son Kurt Philipp von Mengersen VI. Perhaps this marriage brought property in Blazov for August from the family Berzewiczy from Brezovica. The second time he married in 1871 Anna Constanze Gabriele Juhos of Levoca, with whom he had a daughter Mary. He passed away on December 18, 1907. He is buried in the City of Kosice in Slovakia.

Kurt Philipp von Mengersen VI.

August's son Philipp was, according to historical documents, oddball, and when he was young he left his family. Never more he gave any informations about himself to his family and he never married. Philipp died in Florence in 1907. According to the census of land owners, in 1897, just Philipp was a landowner in Blazov.

Maria Anna Berta - Countess Zichy - Meskó

She was born on March 12, 1876, in Košice. She married an important aristocratic family in Hungary - Zichy. Her husband was Count Jacob Mesko Zichy von Zich. According to the text on the cross at Blazovská Dolina, he had built the cross in Blazov in memory of his father, a year after his death. She also had a symbolic grave built for her brother Filip in Brezovica. She died in 1942. Maria remained in the memory of ordinary people for a long time as the good Countess Zitchi.